Company Update Notifier

You can configure our company update notifier webhook to be alerted about events that happen in your own systems in relation to company updates.

POST /v1/company-update

Webhooks must be set up with Tesel’s Parter Team in advance to ensure the Tesel Data system is configured with your company’s API endpoint to be able to successfully retrieve poll the related data


partner_uid string

Unique identifier for your company acting as a partner service.

partner_company_id string

Unique identifier for the company you have updated data to notify us about. This should be the id in the format you uniquely identify the company as from within your platform.

tesel_company_uid string

The unique identifier of the company in the format held on the Tesel platform.

(nullable if registered_company_id is present)

registered_company_id string

The identification string the company is uniquely identified by in its country of origin. Typically in the UK, his would be its Companies House Company Number.

(nullable if tesel_company_id is present)

Method: POST
Headers: "Content-Type: application/json"
Body: {
  "partner_uid": "string",
  "partner_company_id": "string",
	"tesel_company_uid": "string",
	"registered_company_id": "string"