To provide Tesel with updated information on a company, or a new record of a company, you are able to post information to the companies endpoints.

POST /v1/company

POST /v1/company/{id}

The Company Object


id string

Unique identifier for the object.

company_name string

The name the company is publicly known and as will be displayed within the Tesel Marketplace.

registered_company_id string

The identification string the company is uniquely identified by in its country of origin. Typically in the UK, his would be its Companies House Company Number.

company_logo url

A URL locating the address at which the Tesel Data API can retrieve a copy of the Company’s logo for transfer to the Tesel Marketplace.

address hash

The registered business address for the company.

  • address.city string
  • City, district, suburb, town, or village.

  • address.country string
  • Two-letter country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).

  • address.line1 string
  • Address line 1 (e.g., street, PO Box, or company name).

  • address.line2 string
  • Address line 2 (e.g., apartment, suite, unit, or building).

  • postal_code string
  • ZIP or postal code.

  • address.state string
  • State, county, province, or region.

isic string

The International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (Isic Rev.4) which most closely categorises the companies trading activities.

data_set array

This array collects the variety of ESG data for ingestion into the Tesel platform. This part of the API schema has been intentionally designed with flexibility in mind due to the diversity in data schemas the Tesel Marketplace houses. There is no limit to how many key-value pairs are added within the data_set array.

  • key string
  • The human-readable label for which this data should be listed as within the Tesel Marketplace.

  • value string
  • The value relating to the current key-value pair.

data_set_last_updated string (ISO 8601)

The timestamp at which this dataset was last updated. This is used within the platform to indicate when a dataset may be due for rehydration.

    "id": "0123456",
		"company_name": "ESG FTW Ltd",
		"registered_company_id": "0128610",
		"company_logo": "https://example.com/01234.png",
		"address": {
      "city": "London",
      "country": "GB",
      "line1": "123 Street Road",
      "line2": null,
      "postal_code": "SW1A 1AA",
      "state": "Greater London"
    "isic": "702, 823, 994",
		"data_set": [
				"key": "score_label_here",
				"value": "01234"
				"key": "another_label_here",
				"value": "01234"
		"data_set_last_updated": "2022-10-04T11:16:00"